Expertise-weighted Fact Checking

Our Democracy is At Stake



As Thomas Jefferson famously said, "An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy". Experts play an important role in a democracy since without being informed by their opinion, citizens cannot make good decisions.


But we cannot expect each citizen to carefully study and weight the opinion of different subject matter experts against each other. Hence we need processes to inform citizens regarding consensus (or lack of consensus) among experts. This is a highly non-trivial task: it is often expensive, time-consuming and subject to personal bias.


Avow is an expert qualification assignment and opinion aggregation system designed to be scalable, accurate, and trustworthy with no central authority to bias the system. Avow uses block-chain and artificial intelligence  (AI) technologies to achieve these goals. Please read the whitepaper for more details .

How Avow Works

  1. A user makes a claim and assigns a probability which is added to the Blockchain.

  2. Other users also assign a probability to the claim which is also added to the Blockchain.

  3. Avow's algorithm creates an aggregate score based on each user's past accuracy, credentials, and other factors.

  4. All users can view this claim and view its probability to make their own decisions.

  5. Expert agents are paid in crypto tokens for their correct claims.