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AI verified claims and predictions. Research with ease knowing Avow has verified each claim for its authenticity.

Why Avow?

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The internet is full of ideas and predictions, but how do you know who to trust? There's very little record of a person's past ideas and predictions, and if you did want to verify their background, you'd have to do countless hours of research. Avow is taking on this challenge by using machine learning and our community to verify a user's reputation. Avow lets you see their experience, their expertise, and their past history of success and failure when predicting events. Now you can conduct your research with ease knowing that your sources have been verified by Avow.

Make and Rate Claims

Make claims or predictions that are stored on the blockchain to protect their authenticity. 

Win Coin

Win coin by earning a high reputation in your field based on successful predictions. Other users can pay you for your insight on a topic.

AI Aggregated Results

Our AI algorithm aggregates the total probability of your claim based on each users expertise, past predictions, and many other factors.

How Avow Works

  1. An agent makes a claim and assigns a probability which is added to the Blockchain.

  2. Other users also assign a probability to your claim which is also added to the Blockchain.

  3. Avow's algorithm creates an aggregate score based on each agent's past accuracy, credentials, and other factors.

  4. Other Users can now view this claim and view its probability to make their own decisions.

  5. Expert agents are paid for their correct predictions by other users.

Some Uses for Avow

Application 1

Build credibility on our platform by making correct claims or predictions. Your verified credibility can strengthen your brand and help your career.

Application 2

Ask questions on our network to find what the best in the field are saying about a particular topic. For example, presidential predictions, economic reform, stock predictions, or sports predictions.

Application 3

Earn income by gaining a high reputation in a specific field. Other users will reward you for your insight.